Music class at CSES provides many opportunities for students to develop an understanding and appreciation of music while cultivating talents in music.

                -Music helps to develop the whole student

                -Provides opportunities for discovery, learning, and expression.

                -Engages both hemispheres of the brain

                -Provides opportunities to develop oral and vocal skills

                -Cross-curricular connections

                -Develops gross and fine motor skills

                -Utilizes a variety of instruments such as rhythm sticks, shakers, jingle bells,    hand drums, xylophones, African style drums, Recorders, Ukuleles, Guitars, and many more

                -Provides various opportunities for vocal performances across all grade levels, and choral opportunities for students in the upper elementary grades

                -Quality instrumental lessons for interested students in grades 4th-6th

Music in CSES is part of our school’s drive for success!

Equity and Access in Music Education

PA Music Educators Association



Music Education: It's a Win-Win-Win

The Value of Music Education